Gambling With Dogs!

Gambling was once the domain of casino games like roulette, craps, blackjack and baccarat, but not any more!

Now it has taken different forms and entered into the animal arena too. Animals like horses and dogs are a big part of the gambling scene today.

Greyhound gambling was introduced by the Americans and arose from the need for farmers to control jackrabbit population back in the 18th century. These greyhounds were later used for racing, which ultimately evolved into the greyhound track racing of the current day.

Greyhounds have always been treated as one of the most important animals, both in the form of pets as well as for hunting. Their elegance shadows all other animals. In England, this form of racing was restricted to English nobility initially and there was even a law formed by King Canute of England, which stated that this sport was only meant for noblemen who could own and hunt with greyhounds.

Greyhound track racing, as the sport is called, started in 1919. The first major race meeting was conducted in California by Owen Patrick Smith. He created a mechanical lure that could move around a circular track. His attempt at making the dogs run around a racing track, gave way to the idea of making them chase a rabbit. Initially, he used a stuffed rabbit moved around the track. Because of his immense contribution to this sport, he came to be known as the "Father" of American greyhound racing.

This sport reached Britain in 1926 when the first track was built and today it is one of the major sporting events in the U.K.

In this form of gambling, the aim is to beat the "Odds Compilers" or the "Oddsmakers." Oddsmakers set the betting odds. Betting is done with the help of Sportsbooks in the United States and Bookmakers in the U.K.

There are several sportsbooks online where these bets are accepted and there are many types of bets players can place.

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