Time To Throw The Dice In A Game Of Backgammon At Bwin Casino!

The story of the royal game of Backgammon began thousands of years ago, and new research states that this game was first seen in the areas that are today called Iraq and Iran. History reveals that a flat piece of wood may have been used as the backgammon board, stones used for checkers, as dice made out of bone.

Today, the backgammon set is no longer made out of those materials, but the rest of the features including the 24 triangular sections on the board and the 15 checkers for each player are said to have also been part of the backgammon game in the days gone by. Even the rules in use today are claimed to have been handed down from our backgammon ancestors.

This game was played by the aristocracy and leaders of the ancient civilizations. Wealthy people got themselves personal decorated backgammon boards. When backgammon made its debut, only the upper class was allowed to play in the private clubs.

Today, backgammon has come online and online sites like the Bwin Casino are famous for offering this grand game of the masters, preserving the game of yester years in all its glory. This game is fun to play and since it is easy to learn, even new players will find it easy to get acquainted with it.

Bwin Casino makes it easier by providing informational tips on how backgammon is played. The software used by the casino makes the game highly realistic, so much so that it actually feels as if you can reach out to the dice on the screen.

With backgammon available at Bwin, there is no longer the need to visit a traditional casino or buy a backgammon board from the market. The best of backgammon is brought to you in the comfort of your home.

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